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A Presbyterian person is a Christian who is a member of a Presbyterian church that has publicly professed faith in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation, and they become a part of a local church where they join for worship, fellowship, and service.  All Presbyterian church members are Christians who demonstrate sincere faith and they can worship and serve in the local church.


Presbyterians believe that God exists and that God has been revealed to humanity. God is the creator of all things


The God who is at the very foundation of our lives and who is the eternal God revealed in Scripture is the God who created all things and sustains and guides all things according to divine purposes.


Our Presbyterian beliefs in God as creator, sustainer, and the one who guides our life raise big questions about the nature of human life itself. Who are we created to be? Who are we? What does it mean that I am created as a unique individual? What is the purpose of my life?


Theologically, our sinful condition is called original sin. It means that in our origins as human beings, sin has played a role, and now all persons find themselves to be sinners, in need of God’s forgiveness, mercy, and grace.

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